• add_p() Add column with p-value comparing incidence across stratum

  • add_n() Add column with the total N, or N within stratum

  • add_nevent() Add column with the total number of events, or number of events within stratum

  • inline_text() Report statistics from a tbl_cuminc() table inline

# S3 method for tbl_cuminc
add_p(x, pvalue_fun = gtsummary::style_pvalue, ...)

# S3 method for tbl_cuminc
add_n(x, location = NULL, ...)

# S3 method for tbl_cuminc
add_nevent(x, location = NULL, ...)

# S3 method for tbl_cuminc
inline_text(x, time = NULL, column = NULL, outcome = NULL, level = NULL, ...)



object of class 'tbl_cuminc'


function to style/format p-values. Default is gtsummary::style_pvalue


These dots are for future extensions and must be empty.


location to place Ns. When "label" total Ns are placed on each variable's label row. When "level" level counts are placed on the variable level for categorical variables, and total N on the variable's label row for continuous.


time of statistic to report


column name of the statistic to report


string indicating the outcome to select from. If NULL, the first outcome is used.


if estimates are stratified, level of the stratum to report

Example Output

Example 1

Example 2


The p-values reported in cuminc(), glance.tidycuminc() and add_p.tbl_cuminc() are Gray's test as described in Gray RJ (1988) A class of K-sample tests for comparing the cumulative incidence of a competing risk, Annals of Statistics, 16:1141-1154.

See also

Other tbl_cuminc tools: tbl_cuminc()


# Example 1 ----------------------------------
add_cuminc_ex1 <-
  cuminc(Surv(ttdeath, death_cr) ~ 1, trial) %>%
  tbl_cuminc(times = c(12, 24), label_header = "**Month {time}**") %>%
  add_nevent() %>%

# Example 2 ----------------------------------
add_cuminc_ex2 <-
  cuminc(Surv(ttdeath, death_cr) ~ trt, trial) %>%
  tbl_cuminc(times = c(12, 24),
             outcomes = c("death from cancer", "death other causes"),
             label_header = "**Month {time}**") %>%
  add_p() %>%
  add_nevent(location = c("label", "level")) %>%
  add_n(location = c("label", "level"))

# inline_text() ------------------------------
inline_text(add_cuminc_ex2, time = 12, level = "Drug A")
#> 3.1% (0.82%, 8.0%)
inline_text(add_cuminc_ex2, column = p.value)
#> [1] "0.2"